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Feature Free SOHO SMB
Unified Communications 3 of 7 3 of 7 7 of 7
Voice Over IPSwitchvox supports 2 kinds of Voice Over IP, SIP and IAX. SIP is the most common, and is a service available through an ITSP, or Internet Telephony Service Provider. Using VoIP can dramatically reduce long distance charges. check check check
ConferencingSee ‘Conferencing’ below for the individual conferencing options. check check check
Call QueuesSee ‘Call Queues’ below for the individual call-queue options. check check check
FaxSend and receive faxes using Switchvox! You can use your fax machine, or fax files from your desktop computer. mark mark check
Chat (instant messaging)The Switchvox private chat server uses the XMPP protocol. The Switchboard offers a Chat Panel, or you can use your favorite XMPP-based client. mark mark check
Video CallingYou can use video phones (and softphones) with Switchvox. mark mark check
IMAP MailboxEach phone-type extension has a one-stop IMAP Mailbox for voicemail and faxes. mark mark check
Extensions 9 of 11 9 of 11 11 of 11
Extensions(1)With SOHO and SMB, you can create as many extensions as you need, without worrying about “running out of extensions.” 15 max Unlimited Unlimited
IP Phone / ATA extensions(1)Create the extensions as you need using VOIP handsets or analog phones hooked up to Analog Telephone Adapters. (SIP protocol supported) 15 max Unlimited Unlimited
Analog phone extensions(1)Switchvox supports analog phone extensions too. 15 max Unlimited Unlimited
Phone Feature PacksAdd Switchvox features to your phone! Distinctive ringtones based on your caller, auto-answer for your Switchboard-initiated calls, and more! Phone Feature Packs are available for VOIP phones manufactured by Polycom Inc., and snom technology, Inc. mark mark check
ProfilesA picture, name, title, and location for the extension-owner. Profiles are shown in the Switchboard Profile Panel, and on phones that have been set up with a Phone Feature Pack. mark mark check
Call queue extensionsEasily make as many queues as your business needs. check check check
Virtual extensionsCreate general purpose virtual extensions for remote employees, general mailboxes, and anywhere else you don’t need a phone, but an extension would come in handy. check check check
IVRsMake unlimited powerful IVRs to act as auto-attendants, route calls based on the time of day, and even pass data to other applications. check check check
Extension templatesAllows you to define extension configurations to quickly apply them when creating new extensions on your system. check check check
Control permissions for each extensionAdministrators can grant and deny access to features and set calling permissions for any extension on the Switchvox. check check check
3, 4, 5 digit ExtensionsSwitchvox supports 3, 4, and 5 digit extensions. check check check
6-digit Extensions(1)Switchvox SMB supports 6-digit extensions. mark mark check
Extension groupsGrouping extensions makes it easy to apply changes and features to several extensions at once. Use groups to blast voicemail, create directories, and more. mark mark check
Calling Methods 3 of 4 4 of 4 4 of 4
VoIPSwitchvox supports 2 kinds of Voice Over IP, SIP and IAX. SIP is the most common, and is a service available through an ITSP, or Internet Telephony Service Provider. Using VoIP can dramatically reduce long distance charges. check check check
Analog phone linesSwitchvox systems are available with analog interface cards installed so that you can use regular telephone lines to make phone calls through your Switchvox system. Analog lines are lso known as POTS or PSTN lines. check check check
T1/E1 phone linesSwitchvox SOHO and SMB are available with digital interface cards installed for T1/E1/PRI so that you can use digital telephone lines to make calls through your Switchvox system. mark check check
Connecting multiple SwitchvoxesSwitchvox systems can be easily peered, or linked together, to enable free, direct extension calling between them. check check check
Call Control 6 of 7 6 of 7 7 of 7
HoldPut calls on hold using your phone or even from the Switchboard if you have Switchvox SMB. Music on hold plays while the caller is holding. check check check
Assisted TransferBefore completing the call transfer, you can check with the person you are transfering to announce the caller. check check check
Blind TransferThe most basic type of call transfer. check check check
Call ParkingTo park a call, just transfer the call to the parking lot extension, Switchvox and will read back the parking spot number where the call is parked. To retrieve the call, simply dial the parking spot from any handset. If you are using Switchvox SMB, you can see where all the calls are parked in a panel on your Switchboard and pick them up by clicking on them. check check check
Do Not DisturbNeed a little peace and quiet? Stop your phone from ringing by pressing the Do Not Disturb button. check check check
Send CallsDon’t want to take that incoming call? Press the Send button to reject a call. check check check
Directed and Group PickupUsers can be granted permission to pick up a phone call that is ringing on someone else’s desk from their own phone. mark mark check
Switchboard 0 of 18 0 of 18 18 of 18
Profile PanelDisplay the profile of the person you are talking to, including a picture, name, title, and location. The profile also offers one-click chat, call, voicemail. mark mark check
Chat PanelChat with coworkers to exchange information while you’re on the phone with a customer. mark mark check
Company DirectoryThe Company Directory panel offers type-to-find, to help you quickly find your coworkers’ extensions. mark mark check
Centralized presenceAcross peered Switchvoxes, Phonebook entries show consistent Presence and call details. mark mark check
Queue Member ViewThis Switchboard panel can be accessed by queue members to view real time statistic about the queues they participate in and their personal activity. From here they can log in or out of the queue, pause their status, see how many calls are queued up and how many have been taken, and more. mark mark check
Click to callClick to call anyone in your Phonebook panel, your list of other extensions and even external numbers. mark mark check
See who else is on the phoneSee at a glance which other extensions are on the phone. With the proper permission, you can even see the caller ID of the person they are speaking to. mark mark check
Drag and drop transfersTransfer the call you are currently on to anyone in your Phonebook, simply by dragging and dropping onto their name or their voicemail box. mark mark check
Current call controlFrom your Current Calls panel, you can hold and unhold calls and even send calls to voicemail while they are still ringing. mark mark check
One click on-the-fly recordingClick the record button in your Current Calls panel to immediately start recording the call you are on. mark mark check
Record others’ callsIt only takes one click to record other calls going on in the system, if you have the permission granted to you by the system administrator. mark mark check
Pickup others’ callsOne click lets you pick up another extension’s incoming call (with permission). mark mark check
Monitor, Whisper, BargeGreat for training new employees! If you have been granted permission, you can see who your employees are talking with and click to monitor, whisper, or barge in on their call. mark mark check
Queue supervisor viewThis advanced panel shows real-time detailed data about call queues, waiting calls, abandoned calls, which members are logged in, as well as details about any call a member is on. mark mark check
Call Parking Lot PanelThe Call Parking Lot Panel is especially useful for a busy receptionist that often parks calls and needs an easy way to see who is waiting, how long they have been waiting, and to retrieve the calls with a click at any time. mark mark check
PresenceSwitchboard users can set their Presence for other users on the system with a personalized message, such as, “Do not disturb until 4pm unless its Joey McMannus.” mark mark check
Google Maps PanelYou have to see it to believe it! Whenever a call rings your phone, this panel zooms in and pinpoints where the caller is calling from on a map. Currently this feature works for US and Canadian phone numbers. mark mark check
CRM PanelThis time saving panel integrates with SugarCRM or your Salesforce.com account so that whenever a call rings your phone, your CRM data about the caller, including your last note, is displayed instantly, even before you answer the phone! If there is no record of the caller in your database, its easy to click to add them and start taking notes. mark mark check
Panel PopsWhenever a call rings your phone, a web page will display right inside your Switchboard panel based on varibles such as the incoming caller ID. The panel can display a custom page that shows data such as order history, payment status, or open trouble tickets. Or the page can be an existing web application such as a Google search results page showing records returned about the Caller ID Name. mark mark check
Screen PopsWhen a call rings your phone, you can click to pop up a new web page, or have one automatically pop up based on variable such as the incoming caller ID. mark mark check
Voicemail 3 of 7 3 of 7 7 of 7
Multiple Custom GreetingsCustomize multiple voicemail greetings, specify which greeting should be active, and assign different greetings to play when you are unavailable versus on the phone. mark mark check
Custom Message NotificationCreate custom voicemail notification messages system-wide or per extension with the ability to play messages, and mark them as read or delete them. mark mark check
Flexible Voicemail AccessCheck your voicemail using 1-touch voicemail access from your phone, call in remotely from any phone to check your messages, click to play your messages through your email, and even listen online from anywhere. check check check
Voicemail to your Email InboxDeliver your voicemail messages to any email account, including Outlook, and mobile phones. Play and messages right from your inbox. check check check
Automatic Mailbox CreationSwitchvox can create a voicemail box automatically with every phone extension added to the system. check check check
Voicemail Blast GroupsSend voicemail notification to an extension group whenever a voicemail message is received in a mailbox. mark mark check
0 out of voicemailLet your callers press 0 to exit voicemail and go to another extension. mark mark check
Call Queues / ACD 19 of 29 19 of 29 29 of 29
One-touch Log in / Log out / PausePress one button to log in, log out, or pause your status in a queue. mark mark check
Unlimited Call QueuesCall Queues go by many names, ACD groups, hunt groups, ring groups, and more. Switchvox supports unlimited call queue extensions for routing calls to groups of extensions or departments. check check check
In Queue Call RoutingPrepare for everything to provide excellent customer service. With Switchvox, you control how to Route the callers out of the queue if something unexpected happens. check check check
Route when a queue caller presses “0”Send callers waiting in the queue to any extension you wish when they press “0” on their keypad. check check check
Queue Caller TimeoutWhen callers have been waiting in the queue for too long, you can route them to any extension you wish. check check check
Queue Member Circuit LimitIf a queue call has not been answered after reaching every queue member numerous times, you can route them to any extension. mark mark check
Route when max queue length reachedSet a maximum number of calls allowed in the queue, then when additional calls come in, you can route them to an alternate extension. mark mark check
Route when no members logged inCalls are being routed into the queue, but no one is logged in to receive the calls. Just route them back out of the queue to an alternate extension. mark mark check
Custom Music on Hold per QueueSwitchvox supports unlimited queue extensions, and its easy to select different music and messaging on hold for each of your call queues. check check check
Invisible QueuesDon’t want callers to know they’re waiting in a queue? Simply check the option to play ‘ringing’ instead of music, and they’ll never know. check check check
Members Never BusyNormally, queues do not ring members who are already on a call. This option allows you to override this default behavior and send additional queue calls to members that are already on the phone. check check check
Announce Position in QueueWith Switchvox, you never have to keep callers in the dark about how many callers are ahead of them in the queue. check check check
Announce Estimated Hold TimeSwitchvox can estimate and announce how long a caller can expect to wait in any queue. check check check
Announcement Frequency ControlHave control of your queues down to the smallest details with Switchvox- its easy to specify how often Switchvox should inform callers of their queue position and estimated hold time. check check check
Log-in queue membersAdd members to your queues that must dial an extension when they are ready to log in and start receiving calls from the queue. mark mark check
Permanent queue membersAdd members to your queues that are “always on”, so they’re not required to log in to start taking calls from the queue. check check check
Real Time Queue StatusAdministrators can see an up-to-the-second detailed view of all call queue activity on the Switchvox PBX. check check check
Historical Queue LogsSwitchvox logs every call in the system, so its easy to see a detailed list of queue calls for any date range. check check check
Historical Queue StatisticsEasily create detailed statistical reports, graphs, and even export your report to Excel to gain a complete understanding of the activity in your queues and agents. check check check
Advanced Queue ChartsGraph custom statistical reports for your queues and queue members. mark mark check
Acknowledge CallProtect call queues from being answered by unauthorized individuals when remote queue agents route calls to their home or mobile phone. mark mark check
Auto Log OffAutomatically log out queue members that have not been active in the queue. mark mark check
Queue Member PresenceMembers can see on their phone’s display if they’re logged in our out of their queues at a glance mark mark check
Agent only extensionsCreate call queue agents that can simply receive queue calls, but don’t have the privileges of a regular extension. mark mark check
Ring AllWhen a call comes in to this type of queue, all member phones ring at once and whichever member answers first receives the call. check check check
Round RobinRound Robin queues ring one queue member at a time, distributing calls based on the specified order. check check check
Fewest CallsWhen a call comes in to this type of queue, Switchvox routes the call to the member that has taken the fewest number of calls in the queue first. check check check
Least Recently CalledWhen a call comes in to this type of queue, Switchvox routes the call to the member that least recently took a queue call first. check check check
RandomSwitchvox can route queue calls to random queue members when calls come into the queue. check check check
Conferencing 2 of 4 2 of 4 4 of 4
Simple Conference RoomNeed to hold a basic conference call? Dial in to the simple conference room extension and get to work. Note: SOHO has only one simple conference room extension.. 1 max 1 max Unlimited
Meet Me Conference CenterWith a Meet Me Conference center, callers can dial in and then specify the 5-digit conference room they would like to join. Each extension can be given their own conference room.. mark mark check
Listen Only Conference CallsConference Administrators can control who can talk and who can just listen during conference calls.. mark mark check
Conference via handsetUse the conference button on your IP phone to create 3-way conference calls “on-the-fly”.. check check check
Paging and Intercom 3 of 4 3 of 4 4 of 4
2-way IntercomDial an extension to have a 2-way intercom conversation with supported phones on the system through the speaker phone on their IP telephones. SMB users can have unlimited paging and intercom extensions, SOHO users can create one paging or one intercom extension. 1 max 1 max Unlimited
1-way PagingDial an extension to make a 1-way paging announcement to supported phones on the system through the speaker phone on their IP telephones. SMB users can have unlimited paging and intercom extensions, SOHO users can create one paging or one intercom extension. 1 max 1 max Unlimited
Overhead PagingDial an extension to page through an overhead paging system as if it were an analog telephone. check check check
Direct Paging and IntercomDial a code + the extension you wish to intercom or page to talk over any supported speakerphone on the system. mark mark check
Music On Hold 3 of 3 3 of 3 3 of 3
Custom Music on HoldUpload your own music and messaging on hold to completely customize your callers’ experience. check check check
Music on Hold includedSwitchvox comes with 10 classical recordings in the public domain for your convenience. check check check
Queue specific Music on HoldSpecify different playlists for all of your call queues to tailor music and messaging appropriately for your audience. check check check
IVR 14 of 32 14 of 32 32 of 32
Play SoundThis action plays a sound back to the user then continues on to the next action. This is the action used to greet callers, prompt them for key presses, provide instruction, etc. check check check
Record SoundRecords a sound from the caller that is then saved in a variable that can be used later in other IVR actions. check check check
Play Recorded SoundPlay a previously recorded sound to the caller. The sound will be named by a variable from a previous “Record Sound” action in the IVR menu. check check check
Email Recorded SoundEmails a previously recorded sound to an email address. The sound will be named by a variable from a previous “Record Sound” action in the IVR menu. mark mark check
Record DigitsRecords key presses as digits from the caller that are then saved in a variable to be used later in other actions such as &quotPlay Recorded Digits” or sending the digits to a URL by using the “Send Call Values to URL” IVR action. check check check
Say Digits/LettersSay digits and/or letters back to the caller that were either entered manually or previously set in a variable. check check check
Say a numberRead back a whole number to the caller that was either entered manually or previously set in a variable. check check check
Say date/timeThis IVR action says the current date and time or you can predefine a date and time to say back to the caller. check check check
Dial ExtensionSends the caller to an extension on the system. This can be an individual’s extension, a call queue, another IVR menu, or any other type of extension on your Switchvox. check check check
Send to voicemailThis IVR action sends the caller directly to an extension’s voicemail box. check check check
Send to external numberAdding this action to your IVR menu can sends a caller to any phone number, either a pre-defined number or one saved in a variable from another IVR action. check check check
Go to another IVR menuLink your IVR menus together to create powerful multi-level IVR menus. check check check
Send call values to a URLPass user-defined variables or system variables such as Caller ID to your own web application and xml back to Switchvox with a simple web API. mark mark check
Gate KeeperKeep callers from getting stuck in loops or to trap callers that are trying to abuse the system. mark mark check
Conditional ClauseThis IVR action is used to branch callers to different IVR menus based on previously set IVR variables. mark mark check
Time Based ClauseWhen a call reaches this action, it checks the current time against the Time Frame that you want. Use this to create different menus for day, night, weekends, holidays, whenever! check check check
Change LanguageUse this action to create multi-lingual IVR menus. mark mark check
Alter Caller IDSwitchvox can change the caller ID to display additional useful information, so that it can be answered appropriately. When you call Switchvox’s sales line, we use it to add the word “sales” to the front of your caller ID, so it looks like “sales_1234567890” on our phones. check check check
IVR Option SettingsIVR Option Settings put you in control of your IVR menus to prevent frustrating your callers when they don’t hear the menu options they need or get stuck in an IVR menu. check check check
Send an EmailSends an email message. You can include IVR and System Variables in the message, and you can attach a sound file. mark mark check
Set Global VariableSets a Global Variable. Global Variables are variables that can be accessed from all IVR Menus and whose values persist between calls. mark mark check
Get Global VariableStores the value of a Global Variable into a normal variable. If you change the value of this normal variable, it does not affect the original Global Variable. mark mark check
Get Extension StatusGets the status of the extension, and saves the result in a new variable. mark mark check
Get Extension TypeGets the type of the extension, and saves the result in a new variable. mark mark check
Check User PasswordEvaluates the extension’s password with the password contained in a variable, and saves the result in a new variable. mark mark check
Perform MathPerforms a mathematical operation on two IVR variables, and stores the result in a new variable. mark mark check
Concatenate VariablesConcatenates multiple variables together, then saves the result in a new variable. mark mark check
Send Recorded Sound to VoicemailSends a sound to a folder in an extension owner’s voicemail Mailbox. mark mark check
Store Recorded Sound in Sound ManagerStores a sound in the Sound Manager. This action can be used to re-record stored sounds, such as information updates. mark mark check
Upload Recorded SoundUploads a sound to a remote Web server. mark mark check
Play Sound From URLDownloads a WAV sound file from a URL, then plays the sound. mark mark check
Merge SoundsMerges multiple sounds together into one sound variable. mark mark check
Online Tools 2 of 3 2 of 3 3 of 3
Users Tool SuiteOnline Users Tool Suite makes it easy for extension owners to manage their own features like follow me, run call reports, and check voicemail from any web browser. check check check
Administrators Tool SuiteSwitchvox has an easy to use point-and-click interface for administration of all aspects of the phone system, from hardware and network settings to call routing. check check check
Switchboard (Operator Console)The Switchboard is an application that runs in your web browser for real-time call control. It’s layout can be completely customized by each user, so a receptionist could see every extension on the system, but an average user could choose to have a more streamlined setup. The Switchboard has drag-and-drop transfers, busy lamps to show when other users are on the phone, custom presence notifications to let users know that you’re in a meeting and expect to return at 2pm, a call parking lot panel provides one click access to any parked calls, and so much more! The advanced design using web 2.0 technology, means that you don’t have to run a separate application on your computer to use the Switchboard, so you can use it from any internet connected computer, anywhere you go! mark mark check
Recording and Monitoring 0 of 2 0 of 2 2 of 2
Call RecordingAutomatically record calls coming in, going out, or even internally, based on the settings you define. Get as specific as you want \(record certain dates, individuals, groups, queues, and more mark mark check
Call MonitoringUsers can be granted permission to listen in to live calls in the system. mark mark check
Administration 0 of 4 0 of 4 4 of 4
Phone SetupEasily configure your VOIP phones for use with Switchvox. Setup includes up to 3 extensions, an alternate host, and other settings for security and administration. Phone Setup requires a Phone Feature Pack for each phone, and is available for VOIP phones manufactured by Polycom Inc., and snom technology, Inc. mark mark check
Disk-space quotasYou can set a disk-space quota for voicemail and fax usage for each extension and extension group. Also, you can see the voicemail and fax disk-space usage, in total and for each extension. mark mark check
Bulk import for extensionsUse a CSV file to create and modify extensions. mark mark check
Access ControlSet up multiple rules to limit network access to Switchvox services. mark mark check
Comprehensive MonitoringSwitchvox publishes a comprehensive set of SNMP OIDs so that you can monitor the state of the Switchvox server, your VOIP providers, phones, current calls, and more. mark mark check
Distinctive RingtonesUpload ringtones to Switchvox so that phones can ring differently based on the caller or type of call. mark mark check
Logging and Reporting 4 of 7 4 of 7 7 of 7
Scheduled ReportsRegularly scheduled reports can be emailed as HTML, XML, or a chart. mark mark check
Current CallsWant to know who is talking on the phone right now and if that call is using VoIP, an analog line, or a PRI? Get a snapshot of all the calls currently being handled by the system. check check check
Call LogsFind out all the details about every call your Switchvox has ever handled. check check check
Call ReportingView graphs and reports of statistical data about the calls in your Switchvox. Find out useful information such as when the highest volume of calls come in, or if callers are abandoning calls when they reach a specific point in an Auto-Attendant. check check check
Queue StatusSee an up to date snapshot of the status of all of your call queues and see statistics on both your queues and queue members. mark mark check
Queue ReportsInstantly see meaningful trends in call flow through your queues over time with graphical charts of your queue and member data. mark mark check
Error LogQuirky behavior? Track it down fast using the detailed information in the Switchvox error log. check check check
Voice and Data Integration Switchvox Developer Central 2 of 6 2 of 6 6 of 6
Switchvox Extend XML APIThis can be used to access call logs, call reports, and extension lists. mark mark check
Call Creation APITrigger a call to any phone number with a URL. For example, this can be used to easily create click-to-call functionality in the applications your employees use most. mark mark check
Call Event Notification APINow you can write your own applications that Switchvox can notify of actions taking place in the phone system. Variables can be sent when a call comes in to the system, when a voicemail is left, when an extension is called, or when a call is hung up. Your application can send that data to the tools that your employees are already using for tasks like sales lead tracking, billing an account for time spent on calls, and ticketing. mark mark check
Outlook IntegrationClick to call any contact in your Microsoft Outlook application. check check check
FiredialerClick to call any phone number on any web page when you use the Firefox web browser. check check check
Screen PopsSwitchvox can trigger automatic or user-initiated screen pops to streamline your business and finally bring your phone system into the loop with your back-office. mark mark check
Custom Sound Recordings 3 of 3 3 of 3 3 of 3
Sound ManagerSwitchvox makes it easy to record sounds over the phone or upload sound files from your computer to use as prompts in the IVR menus or elsewhere in the system. check check check
Record same sound in multiple languagesRecord your sounds in as many languages as you need to create multi-lingual IVR menus. “Press 1 for Italian, 2 for German, 3 for Mandarin, and 4 for Japanese.” has never been easier! check check check
Switchvox comes with over 300 soundsProfessionally recorded prompts and sounds make it simple to create outstanding IVR menus. check check check
More Features 7 of 9 7 of 9 9 of 9
Flexible Language SupportFor businesses with international offices or a diverse staff: administrators and extension-users can interact with Switchvox in different languages: US or UK English, Castilian or Latin American Spanish, or Italian. check check check
Dial By Name DirectorySwitchvox automatically keeps the Dial By Name up to date as you add and remove extensions on the system. Switchvox SMB supports extension group directories, Switchvox SOHO has just one company-wide directory. check check check
Custom Time FramesSwitchvox goes way beyond standard Day and Night modes with custom defined Time Frames. Need to route calls because its Thursday? No problem. Closed for the holidays? Its easy to create the Time Frames you need. check check check
Upgradeable HardwareWhat happens if your business grows from needing 3 phone lines to 8? You can drop telephony cards into your Switchvox server for more capacity, Switchvox will auto-detect your new hardware so you can start using your new lines within minutes. check check check
Advanced DiagnosticsSwitchvox comes with helpful tools to spot and fix problems with everything from phones to your internal network. check check check
IP Phone Diagnostic ToolSwitchvox monitors the phones connected to it and can perform tests to determine what problems may be occurring if the phone is not connected properly. check check check
VOIP Provider Diagnostic ToolSwitchvox monitors the VOIP services that it is connected to and can perform tests to determine what problems may be occurring if the service isn’t working properly. check check check
International analog line supportJust tell Switchvox what country you are in and it will fine tune your analog lines for optimum quality and performance. check check check
g722 and g729 codec supportg722 is a codec that offers excellent sound quality. g729 is a codec that can be used to compress VoIP audio to require less bandwidth, making it attractive in areas of the world where bandwidth is limited. Licenses may be purchased from Digium.com and uploaded into Switchvox. mark mark check
Organized PhonebooksCreate and manage multiple phonebooks, to keep your contacts organized. You can also see each contact’s ‘Additional Numbers’ that they publish, and create and modify your own additional numbers for them. mark mark check

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